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There's far too much bloat and waffle attached to Web Design, so I want to make my solutions black and white.

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About me

I'm an experienced Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Software Engineer and Project Manager; I strive to offer a full range of services.

I'm based in East Sussex, and work for clients throughout the UK; in fact, I work for clients throughout the world.

Most of my work is conducted via phone and email; clients are then paying me to work as opposed to travel to see them.

All my quotes are free, and without obligation, so why not drop me an email to to see how I can help you.

Why use my services?

A background in Graphic Design - I'm an experienced Graphic Designer with a background in the Print industry; I therefore have a broad design knowledge that extends further than just web design.

Bespoke coding – My programmer and I can create fully bespoke options; cost is a factor when considering something really unique versus 'traditional' layouts, but anything is possible.

Hosting and support in-house – some solutions need to be hosted in-house, but some open-source solutions can be hosted elsewhere; I can offer what is best for you. Either way, I can support all solutions.

Advice is always free – any work I do will be quoted in advance, with clear project guidelines and deadlines.

7 days start to finish

7 days — Start to finish within a week or pay nothing, refers to my easy payment option where you only have to pay part as a deposit, and then the remainder on completion; applicable when you have provided all the information. If for some reason I haven't produced a demo within a week of receiving all the information, you won't be asked to pay the balance remaining. This is not applicable where the project has extra features included, or is a full bespoke project.

Web Design – Two Main Options

1) WordPress

WordPress is a very popular system used to create websites where clients can later edit the content themselves via a back-end admin.

  • Lots of support (online)
  • Flexibility to create nice fluid designs
  • Can be hosted cheaply, and moved between hosts
  • Mobile Responsive

2) In-house System

I have my own in-house built system, that performs in a similar way to WordPress but has a few subtle differences.

  • Built in-house, so support is extensive
  • Flexibility to create nice fluid designs
  • We host and support it directly on our own servers
  • Mobile Responsive


Whether I design you something based on WordPress, or something using my own framework, I'll happily host and support your new site free for the first year.

After the first year you can either host the site elsewhere, or continue to use my services. Any service built using my own framework cannot be hosted elsewhere, those sites must stay integrated into the in-house servers.

Hosting currently cost £10 per month, and that includes support.

EditsUpdates and Changes

Most sites created, whether my own framework or WordPress, will come with a built-in admin so you can make your own changes; however, some clients prefer to not spend their time doing updates themselves, and instead we provide edits on an adhoc basis.

Changes can cost just a few £s, and edits are always quoted and agreed in advance.

Whether to have an admin or not is something we discuss in advance.

Google Optimisation – Two Main Options

1) Make 'local' versions of your site

This involves organising what you want to say into a way that Google ranks higher, as it feels it's more relevant to what users want to read.

Main company website remains unchanged, but we use the same main content to build a new optimised domain, that runs 1000s of sites specifically built to rank for searches on Google.

2) Improve your site's appeal to Google

This involves organising what you want to say into a way that Google ranks it higher, as it feels it's more relevant to what users want to read.

  • Help getting a listing on Google's 'Places'
  • Content balancing the text
  • Cross linking so that your own site refers back to itself
  • Optimising the image names and descriptions
  • Descriptive logical page names and descriptions

A Few Examples

Special Offers

Pre-Christmas Special


'Yule' love my prices better than my puns

*Only valid on projects over £495; projects below £495 are offered at a 15% discount. Cannot be used in conjuntion with any other offer.

Earn Money – Refer My Services

Earn £50 for every successful referral!*

What's in it for the people you refer...

I sell sites from £495; I also sometimes have offers up to £50 off; however you can offer websites to people – friends, family, acquaintances... at £75 off... It's a straightforward extra £75 off for anyone that comes through you!

The important bit – What's in it for YOU...

I will pay you a commission payment of £50*, for every person that takes up the deal and pays their deposit!

Why am I doing this...

I ultimately end up doing sites for less than £495 - but like all companies I need to sell or promote my services somehow and 'word of mouth’ leads generate good quality customers in the long run.

How to get started earning money...

There are several ways to offer the £75 off deal to people...

Non personalised business cards - supplied free - these are suitable for where you would hand these out to people you know as they won’t have the unique code on them.

Social networking - free - if you use Facebook, Twitter, or anything social, this is the easiest way to connect, as you don't even need to leave the house and all your friends and family are right there.

Texting – free - why not send a blast out to everyone of your phonebook contacts, there could be plenty of potential £50 commissions right there.

Website banner – free - if you've got your own site adding a website banner is another way to grab potential referrals.

Personalised leaflets – you would have pay direct for these (about £50 for around 10,000 leaflets), but you can then deliver around your local area (or further afield). Each leaflet will then have your unique referrer code on it and then potential customers will have to give me that code, to enable them to get the £75 off - hence securing your referral.

Earning money through others becoming referrers – Level 2...

Level 1 – Direct referrals £50 as noted above*.

Level 2 – Anyone that signs up to be a referrer through you, will earn you £15 for everything sold through them.

Please note...

*Commission on the first sale is paid at £25, where you have been directed to the site through a referrer yourself - this can be through word of mouth, a leaflet code, social advert or web banner; full details on this will be needed to qualify for the first commission on a successful sale at £25. Subsequent sales are paid at £50 commission.

Where NO referral avenue is mentioned, then NO commission is paid on the first sale. Subsequent sales are paid at £50 commission.

Commission payments will be made through BACS and referrers are supplying leads as freelance sales agents and are therefore responsible for their own national insurance and tax. Referrers are not employed by Payments will be made each Monday for any project referred with a cleared deposit payment.

Where sales are below £495 a 15% discount is offered to customers referred through you; we then pay you a referral payments of 10% on the discounted sale. Level 2 referral payments are 3% on the discounted sale.

Before you do anything though, please email me at or text me or ring me on 07517 849671 so I can set you up with a unique referral code.

I reserve the right to change the commission structure, terms or cancel arrangements with referrers at any time.

Contact Me


Telephone: 01323 746685

Mobile: 07517 849671

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  User Friendly Design

  Cost Effective Pricing

  Optimised For Google